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Caught Off Guard by the Cold Weather?

No one predicted the recent cold snap throughout the Midwest and South. Weather is unpredictable by its nature, but when the cold strikes, FEBCO has you covered.

Freeze Protection Guidelines

Download our freeze protection guidelines below for proper draining & freeze protection procedures.

Install piece of mind

Don’t want to get caught off guard again? We offer several solutions to help you protect against freezing temperatures, learn more below.

767FR – Pressure Vacuum Breaker

Our 767FR pressure vacuum breaker protects your investment with a unique built-in relief valve that allows internal pressure to be relieved as the backflow preventer freezes.


  • Repeatable built-in relief valve for freeze protection.
  • Test cocks positioned for winterization draining.
  • Continuous pressure backsiphonage protection.
  • Easier to maintain than the competition.
  • Tee handle ball valve shutoff for compactness.
  • O-ring float for positive seating.
  • Replaceable seats and seat discs.
  • Approved by the Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research at the University of Southern California. (1⁄2" - 2")

View more information on Series 767FR here. »


FPTC-1 - Thermostatic Freeze Relief Kits

Our FPTC-1 thermostatic freeze relief kits are designed to keep water from freezing in the backflow preventer, while avoiding discharges based on the air temperature dropping below freezing.


  • Compact
  • Easy to Install
  • Low Maintenance
  • Controlled by Water Temperature vs. Air Temperature

View more information on Series FPTC-1 here. »

Need More Help?

Contact an authorized FEBCO representative today with any other questions you may have about repairing your valve or purchasing a new freeze resistant solution.

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