Pressure Vacuum Breakers

Size(s): 1/2 to 2 in. (15 to 50mm)


Series 765 Pressure Vacuum Breakers are designed to be installed to provide protection against back siphonage of toxic or non-toxic liquids. They feature a durable bronze body and a check valve and air opening port in one assembly. Maximum Working Pressure: 150psi (10.3 bar).

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UPCPart#Lead Free*Description
643925001105765CBV 1/2 765-QT PVB
643925001112765DBV 3/4 765-QT PVB
643925001136765EBV 1 765-QT PVB
643925001150765FBV 1 1/4 765-QT PVB
643925001174765GBV 1 1/2 765-QT PVB
643925001198765HBV 2 765-QT PVB
643925017953765CUB 1/2 U765-QT PVB
643925017960765DUB 3/4 U765-QT PVB
643925017977765EUB 1 U765-QT PVB
643925017984765FUB 1 1/4 U765-QT PVB
643925017991765GUB 1 1/2 U765-QT PVB
643925018004765HUB 2 U765-QT PVB
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